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  2. Hi, I’m George. I’m a consultant living in Canada. I have been trading since 2001. Teaching and trading is my dream life.

    I have been trading since 2001. after a successful career as a trader in a top-six bank in Canada, I decided to pursue my passion for educating others on how to achieve financial freedom while continuing to trade myself. Teaching and trading is my dream life.


    At TRADEPRO Academy, we strive to transform individuals into trading professionals by providing the education, tools, and learning environment conducive to financial success.

    New to Trading? Our Foundations Course will bring you from a beginner to a TRADEPRO through our interactive webinars and round-the-clock support.

    Experienced trader but need some guidance, a different perspective, and some help with your trading disciplines?

    Market Roundup Live is a weekly webinar where we highlight our trading picks for the upcoming week and the strategic way to set up our trades. At the end of each week, we uncover our strengths from the previous week and set up for the next.

    Sign up for courses to fit your schedule, and make trading work for you.

    Sign up for our email newsletters at www.tradeproacademy.com and follow us on twitter.com/tradeproacademy




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