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The OP Inner Circle (Mentorship)

The OP Inner Circle is a private mentorship group. Access to the group is granted through an application and interview process.


  1. (OPIC) Ask Questions

    Use this forum to ask questions on options. Anything & Everything. This is your space to clarify things. There are only 2 rules to follow: 1) Be Clear & Concise in your question and 2) Provide details and screenshots, if required.

  2. OPIC Exclusive - MarketPulse, Outlook and General ChitChat

    Using unique proprietary indicators and studies shared during OPIC, discuss general market situations, how far markets will rally or how low it will go? What are the critical levels to watch, etc.?

    This is the place to huddle with fellow OPIC members everyday to stay updated with the latest market beat and to search & share money making opportunities.

  3. Key Learnings - The School of Hard Knocks

    There are 3 types of learnings i.e. painful ($$ loss), without much pain (no $$ loss) and profitable ($$$ profits)!

    Each OPIC session is filled with golden nuggets that include live trades ideas, trade set-ups, risk management plans and capital allocation; it is also packed with powerful strategies and proven systems that compresses decades of learning into months.

    A real trader trades! And trading has both profits & loss. Reflect on your trading to discover what's duplicatable and what's avoidable and use this forum to share your trading wisdom gained from The School of Hard Knocks.

  4. Super Accelerated Trading Ideas, Position & Risk Management

    Trading Ideas for six figure portfolios. Got something interesting? Expect it to go up, or go down or expect it to be in a tight range? or found something interesting that enhances trade identification, position & risk management skills.

    Use this forum to find ideas, trades suitable for a six fig portfolio, share your trade ideas, or ideas to manage your position and risk. Reach out to other members if you are looking for ideas to manage your trade.

  5. Options Strategy Lab

    Options are flexible to help you design strategies for various market condition. Bullish, Bearish, Market Neutral, High or Low Implied Volatility trading, etc. Got something interesting? If ALGO or AUTO trading interests you, this is the forum to be.

    Use this forum as a lab to discuss here with fellow traders to dive deeper into an options strategy or algo trading?

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