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Trading Condors as Business (TCB)

The Trading Condors as Business (TCB) forum is a private group. Access to the group is granted to those who have applied and attended TCB program. Currently TCB forum is available only to OptionPundit TCB graduates.


  1. (TCB) Ask Questions

    Use this forum to ask questions on options. Anything & Everything. This is your space to clarify things. There are only 2 rules to follow: 1) Be Clear & Concise in your question and 2) Provide details and screenshots, if required.

  2. (TCB Grads) Freestyle Condor Discussion Forum

    Just like Facebook where you simply post to initiate a conversation, use this forum as default when you don't know where to post or how to categories your post. You can also use this to post your trade results to inspire others.

  3. Fundamental First

    What are the key ingredients for a successful Iron Condor? How does it really make money? Do you understand key concepts for setting-up yourself for success?

    Use this forum to discuss about the fundamentals of Iron Condors.

    • Guest CH Tan
  4. Adjustments, Position & Risk Management

    As a condor trader, your #1 job is, Risk Management. Talk about how did you manage risk when underlying moved against you. Did you find something interesting that enhances condor trade identification, position & risk management skills.

    Use this forum to share your ideas to manage your position and risk. Reach out to other members if you are looking for ideas to manage your trade.

  5. Condor Real-Money Trade Ideas

    Use this forum to see my real-money trade ideas around TCB training, or post your trade ideas with proper screenshots and detailed explanation. Reach out to other members should you need feedback on your trades.

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